The best exhibition stand wins

The best stand at the exhibition will stop visitors in their tracks and compel them to come up and have a conversation with you, give you their details or collect your marketing literature. Your exhibition stand needs to be attention grabbing, you have three seconds to stop people walking past and get their interest!

To achieve this a stand needs to be:

✔ Impressive
✔ Creative
✔ On-Brand
✔ Thought provoking
✔ Well planned

How can this be achieved, on budget?

Forward Planning

A stand needs to be well planned. Even if you’re using a service like ours to design and print your stand, you’ll still want to have at least a couple of months to prepare for the work you’ll be putting in before, during and after the exhibition. Do everything last minute and you’ll be running around like a headless chicken. Even if you have had your stand designed and printed, there are a lot of other details to consider. Rush and you may miss out on executing these details, meaning that your stand lacks impact and creativity.

Work with the space on offer

Your stand needs to be nicely laid out and inviting. Find out what you have to work with. If the space you’ve booked has MDF walls, then you could print some branded wallpaper. If it’s in a small conference room and you’re only booking a space and a table, then a pop-up stand, a roller banner or some soft signage would be ideal.

Consider what furniture you might need to bring. If you have a decent sized space then you could work with a desk with some acrylic graphics applied or a sofa which matches your brand colours, for visitors to sit on and chat with you.

Some extra tables might be necessary if you need space to put out free samples, portfolios or product demos.

Create a sensory experience

To absorb people into your brand, use the five senses where possible – but remember to stay on brand!

Sound – Can you use an LCD screen to show a sales demo, client testimonials or brand message? Is using music a possibility? (Make sure the music fits with your brand and isn’t just a playlist of your personal faves.)

Sight – Use your brand colours to create an impact. If your branding is yellow for example, use this colour not only on your marketing literature and stand but wherever possible. Consider lighting carefully.

Touch – Touching is very powerful but can be underused in business. According to Harvard Business Review, holding a product can create a sense of psychological ownership, driving ‘must have’ purchase decisions. If you have a product, let your stand visitors touch and feel samples. If you offer a service which involves touch, give away five-minute demonstrations. Ask yourself if letting your customers hold and flick through a tablet portfolio or similar might be beneficial. When printing business cards and marketing literature, question whether the paper feels good. And never underestimate your handshake!

Smell – According to Exhibitor Online, scent marketing is the new black. This is obvious if you are a business selling scented candles, real ale or tasty cinnamon buns, but even if your product or service is wholeheartedly scent-free you can still consider using scent. We are apparently, scent led beings. And according to a study in The Journal of Marketing, exhibitors who used scent found that their attendees retained information about the booth and it’s brand more clearly.

Taste – Many stands use food to attract visitors, and it works! Hungry passersby are likely to be attracted to your stall if it has some kind of food on offer. Remember that any food you give out should be on brand, this is an opportunity to get creative!

Create a buzz

If you’ve attended plenty of events, you’ll know that there is always one particular stand which has the biggest buzz around it and has people clamouring to get near it. How can you achieve this?

Well, to begin with, you need the right people on your stand. People who are well presented, friendly and knowledgeable. Don’t just think sales, although this is important. Give your event staff different roles, some people can be the ‘hook’ and get people in, and others can work at having longer conversations, product demos or consultations.

To make your stand exciting, have something on offer, like a prize draw, goody bag or free demo/consultation. If you go down the free demo or consultation route, book people in for slots, ensuring that your stand stays busy throughout the day, even in quiet periods.

Get people to think

Use posters to get people to stop in their tracks and show them how you can solve their problems. Posters should be high impact, with large text at eye level and the writing on it should be short and sweet. Nobody is going to stand and read paragraphs of text at your booth.

Your posters should have your contact details and logo on and need to fit your branding. It is absolutely essential to use a graphic designer for your posters, as well as the other printed graphics on your stand. If you do not have a designer in-house, we can provide this service.

Getting creative

While you can outsource all printing, design and writing, the entire stand experience, from the people staffing it, to the goody bags needs to be cohesive and creative. If you’re not a confidently creative person, try getting inspiration from trade show magazines and websites. Have brainstorming sessions with your team to come up with as many ideas as possible, no matter how silly, then refine them down to just the best. The creative spark is most likely to hit you when your brain is switched off and you’re not expecting it, like just before you go to sleep, or in your morning shower. So have a pen and paper nearby, or make notes on your smartphone.

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